Kerrera Bunkhouse

Bijou, beautiful, light and welcoming

On their website, Kerrera Bunkhouse, describe it as, “a great example of how to make a small space work to accommodate up to 7 (friendly) people! In times gone by, farmers would have kept animals in here but we have a human only policy now and have refurbished the place to reflect this.” 

You get a sense of the warmth and good humour of the people don’t you? 

The bunkhouse has a small kitchen with all the essentials, toilets and showers are in a separate block  and the Kerrara Tea Garden is next door for lovely lunches. 

Bijou, beautiful, light and welcoming. I’m referring to the bunkhouse and the Island. Kerrera is the island that dominates the view as you take a ferry from Oban. It is a pretty small island. A few roads, no shops and the great craggy dinosaur-backed mountains dominating the interior. There are 45-ish people resident on the island and it is peaceful. Let’s underline that word shall we? Peaceful. Stunning views of crags and moors in every direction. Shaggy Highland cows with their long horns and comical fringes  might be your only companions. 

Soon your feet will take you to Gylen Castle, a lonely and noble ruin overlooking the sea. There’s a Turner sketch  in the Tate that goes someway to capturing the drama and beauty of the spot. 

Returning to the Bunkhouse as night falls, you know you are in a blessed place. The stars light up, unsullied by light pollution and the night sky is rammed: more stars than blackness.