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It’s a beautiful time of year for showing off our Surrey barn at its best

The Surrey countryside is enjoying lovely weather and the wild flowers and trees are looking their best. Come and stay at the Puttenham Barn Bunkhouse so that you can experience it for yourself.

Home Farm Barn is typical of a Surrey barn with its weatherboarding, long steeply sloping tiled roofs known as catslides and waggon porch. The structure reflects the readily available materials of timber and clay. The barn is mostly made of oak and much of the timber is re-used from other buildings, the timber frame resting on a rubble and Bargate stone plinth and the two doors in the porch having a top hung flap which would be opened to allow loaded carts inside. The huge roof is covered with 18 thousand handmade clay tiles hung over battens with iron nails or wooden pegs. Email: [email protected]

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picnic table at the Puttenham Camping Barn in the Surrey Hill

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