Inner peace… and perhaps a seal or two


Clear waters, fresh air and an array of interesting wildlife. Ravenspoint Hostel is delightful. The isle of Lewis full of wonder for you to experience, walks through the scenery truly unparalleled. Just right out of the door the views of Loch Eireasort are something to behold.

Warm and welcoming, one of the many features of Ravenspoint which lends itself to a retreat. The remote location, parked right on the edge of Loch Eireasort also helps. Simply being present in such an atmospheric place should suffice. But fear not there’s also plenty out there to take in.  Seeing the wonderful fauna native to Lewis ranging from Otters to Seals. Or just gazing into some of the best views in the Hebrides. And at the hostel itself the enthusiastic staff are happy to share their knowledge on the history and culture of the island. An idle place to recharge .

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Ravenspoint Hostel on the Isle of Lewis

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