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Hostel or Bed & Breakfast for Half Term?

Why to choose a hostel rather than a bed and breakfast or a hotel for your short break with the family? Alston Youth Hostel has availability this Autumn half term, family rooms, self catering facilities and lots of indoor and outdoor space to explore.

For some people the word ‘hostel’ brings a vision of grimy stark furnishings, having to do ‘jobs’, bunk beds, sleeping bags (or even worse sleeping liners) and fierce hostel wardens who don’t allow you in after 10pm! But you only have to look through the Independent Hostel Guide to see that this image belongs to another era. Hostels have moved on.. Thank goodness!!
So here are some great reasons why staying in a hostel with children rather than a Bed & Breakfast or an hotel makes so much sense especially if you are on a tight budget.
The Self Catering kitchen means you can bring your own food and prepare your own meals saving expensive meals out in pubs. And often with large, comfy communal areas your family are not confined to your bedroom in an evening and children can get to socialise with other children. And yes most hostels have free WiFi!!
Hosteling doesn’t always mean shared dorms. Most hostels have private rooms that can accommodate families, often with en-suite facilities, and a lot will have double beds as well as bunk beds!
Possibly the biggest incentive is the cost! Hostels are usually far cheaper than bed and breakfast or hostel accommodation for parents with children which makes them an affordable way to have some quality time with your family.
Location. The network of hostels covers the whole of Great Britain in some fabulous locations so you can be either in the middle of now where, in a city centre or by the coast. Or you can even spend a week moving from hostel to hostel and create your own adventures!
Drying rooms. This is something a hostel on a walking route in the country is more likely to have but they are so useful for when the British weather may not be that great and you have lots of soggy shoes and coats.
Laundry facilities. A lot of hostels will have somewhere you can do your laundry which again is great if you’ve had fun outdoors and got a bit muddy!
These are just a few reasons why staying in a hostel with a family is a good choice for half term getaways!
So a big shout out to Hostels every where and here at Alston Youth Hostel we have a great self catering kitchen, 2 supermarkets nearby, free WiFi, comfy lounge and dining room, a lovely large drying room with washing machine, the narrow gauge South Tynedale railway just down the road and family rooms from £38.25!

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