Home made ice cream at Thorpe Farm Bunkhouses

Thorpe Farm bunkhouses ice cream

Thrope farm has been a diary farm for generations and when you come to stay at the bunkhouses you can enjoy the farm experience.

Take a walk on the many footpaths and see the  cows eating the rich grass in the summer fields. Theses cows use automatic milking machines which visit themselves whenever they feel like being milked.  The diary on the farm produces  traditional ice cream with lots of flavors, much of which is sold in locations around the Peak District.  A limited edition flavour is also produced which can only be sampled in the farm cafe.   Flavors include  Cinder Toffee, Clarabell’s Caramel Fudge, Gertrude’s Whisky & Ginger and Clover’s Irish Cream.  Who knows what limited editions flavors will be available when you make your visit to Thorpe Farm, near Hathersage in the Peaks.

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