High Wray Basecamp

Wood cabins in a charming woodland.

High Wray Basecamp’s postal address says Ambleside but it’s actually quite a bit down the western shore of Lake Windermere tucked back in its own woodlands. 

The ‘Basecamp’ name will give away to some of you that this is a National Trust Bunkhouse so you can be assured of a few things:

It is in a lovely setting. The social media page is rich in photos of the National Trust Volunteers working hard to keep it that way. If you allow your eyes (or indeed your feet!) to wander, you’ll see the wide and high mountain vistas and the calm blue of Windermere itself – the twin main attractions of The Lake District.

The Basecamp is very well kept. Charming wooden cabins on the outside, simple yet clean on the inside. A large commercial-style catering kitchen and communal dining room/activity room mean that there’s plenty of facilities for large groups. The maps and information posters on the walls give clues too, to the Basecamp’s ‘day job’ as the home to The Trust’s volunteers. A fat round woodburning stove, and some soft sofas, though bring a more homely touch – allowing convivial conversation after a hard day’s conservation.


You can book either or both of The Longland block or the Acland block for your group. Rambling, fell walking, climbing or water sports are available locally as well as more sedate tourist attractions in Bowness or Ambleside, the Basecamp Ranger is on site to offer advice if you need it.