Hidden Gems

Ye Old Ferrie In Bunkhouse - Coppet Hill - Trellech Beacon - The Narth - The Wye Valley

For the visitor who likes to find those hidden gems, you can discover unique wildlife and stunning scenery for yourself. Sense the tranquility the Wye Valley has to offer.

An Exploration of Coppett Hill
We recommend a walk on Coppett Hill to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery the area has to offer. The walk takes you on a circular tour to Coldwell Rocks, home of the Peregrine falcon, and back on a route offering commanding views towards the Malvern’s, Marcle ridge and the Black Mountains.
An Outing to Trellech Beacon
High above the Wye on the Trellech Plateau, commanding a magnificent panorama is Trellech Beacon also known as Beacon Hill. It can be approached from the village of Trellech and any trip to the viewpoint could be easily combined with a wander around the village.
A Picnic at The Narth
In the beautiful woodland surroundings of Manor Wood at the Narth. Manor Wood has a picnic site and rustic children’s play area where you can let little one’s run wild.