Hatters Hostels on Hilton Street

…bang up to date modern… yet, with an unmistakably international vibe…

I’ll bet more than a few visitors to the Hatter’s Hostel on Hilton Street have football on their minds. 

To many, Manchester is the spiritual home of football. Think of the legends, both home-grown and foreign who have become synonymous with the city. Charlton, Best, Stiles, Busby, Francis, Robson, Giggs, Beckham, Cantona, Van Nistelrooy and many more. The many, many trophies that have found their way here. The legendary stadiums. The famous rivalry. The tragedies and the celebrations. In many ways, Manchester epitomises the drama and spectacle of the sport. Not for nothing do they call Old Trafford, “The theatre of dreams”.

The hostel make much of this connection, being handy for both premiership stadiums and the National Football Museum. You can ask them about tours of the stadium and the museum during your stay, or maybe the focus of your stay is to watch a match and then crash back at the hostel afterwards. 

You could argue that Hatters on Hilton Street reflects the city’s football clubs in more metaphorical ways too. Proud of its northern roots but with its eyes on the future, the hostel is bang up to date modern and luxurious offering all the mod cons of a hotel. Yet, with an unmistakably international vibe, it has a real buzz about it. The rooms are clean, airy, often en-suite, they would not look out of place in a boutique hotel. The decor is funky, vibrant with Banksy style wall art. 

Of course, there is soooo much more to Manchester than football. Book a stay and explore all that Manchester has to offer!