Halifax College Hostel, York.


Explore York from the college rooms

Surely the city of York needs no introduction? Surely it doesn’t need any further trumpeting of its charms and attractions? The thrilling walk around the city’s medieval walls; York Minster; Jorvik viking experience; York castle; Railway Museum; The Shambles – you know the score already right?

But what better way to explore the city than from the affordable accommodation provided by Halifax College Hostel?

In many ways, there is a lot of cross over between hostels and university accommodation: affordable, with self-catering kitchens and shared communal areas. Of course university rooms are only available when the students aren’t there – in this case from July to September. A noticeable difference might be that university dorms are often ultra-modern and high tech.

In the case of Halifax College, on the University of York Campus, just outside the city centre, you’ve also got access to Free WiFi, to the campus sports facilities and the shops, laundry and catering. The rooms are single-occupancy in a shared house of up to 11 people. The campus itself is a lovely purpose built thing of winding paths and open views of the lakes.