Glenfinnan Sleeping Car

…the old-world glamour of the age of steam…

The Glenfinnan Sleeping Car has to be one of the most unusual accommodations in the Independent Hostels Network. Read that again. Yup, sleeping car, you read it correctly.

The sleeping car forms part of the railway heritage site at Glenfinnan Station Museum. It is a 20 minute walk from the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct. You might remember Harry Potter and Ron Weasley flying over it in a powder blue Ford Anglia in The Chamber of Secrets. If you’re familiar with the film in question you might also recall the retro delight of the 1950s carriage train as well as the epic rugged mountain scenery which forms a backdrop to their magical flight.

All these things, train, viaduct and landscape can be experienced at the Glenfinnan Sleeping Car. The carriage has a fully equipped kitchen, lounge/dining car, showers, a drying room and total hydro-electric heating. Your stay includes free admission to the museum too.

In the morning set out for the peaks: Lochaber, Rough Bounds, Moidart and Ardgour, secure in the knowledge you’re returning to the old-world glamour of the age of steam.

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