Get a Green Voucher by arriving at this hostel on foot or by bike

Green Vouchers at Tyn Cornel Eco Hostel

Exchange your Green Voucher for a half price stay at Dolgoch or Tyncornel Hostel

The Elenydd Wilderness Trust hostels are giving Green Vouchers to anyone arriving at their hostels on foot or bike.  These vouchers entitle the holder to a half price stay at either of the hostels at a later date.  Dolgoch and Tyncornel Hostels are in the wild and stunningly beautiful Cambrian Mountains a days walk apart, ideal for an adventure by bike or one foot.  They were converted from Isolated farmhouses situated near old drovers’ roads in the wild and stunningly beautiful Cambrian Mountains.  Tyncornel Youth Hostel has been a traditional YHA simple hostel for many years and now offers comfort and company to walkers and cyclists as part of the Independent Hostels UK network.  It has a new wood-burning stove and stone fireplace fitted in time for the 2017 winter.

Tyncornel installed PV solar panels in 2015. Since then, the panels have generated sufficient electricity to replace more than half the mains electricity used. Since installing a log burner earlier this year Tyncornel relies totally on carbon-neutral wood as a fuel.

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