Frolic in the meadows on a Suffolk farm

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY WITH WILDFLOWERS, buzzards, newts and other wildlife on our environmentally-friendly farm. Explore ponds, ancient wildflower meadows, castle earthworks, woods ….

You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy wildlife and the countryside … stay on our lovely farm in Suffolk!  We have ancient hay meadows with burnet saxifrage, devil’s bit scabious, fairy flax and occasional orchids with common blue and small copper butterflies, and ruby tiger moths.  We have ponds with newts, frogs and toads, water beetles, emperor dragonflies and emerald damselflies.  We have hedges with singing whitethroats and blackcaps and woods with chiff chaffs and buzzards.   Bring your binoculars, borrow our pond net by day and moth trap by night and see what’s flying, swimming or wandering at Milden.  For families, borrow our family activity pack to help your children make the most out their farm stay.  The Old Brooder bunkhouse sleeps up to 20 in comfort and you can borrow 20 adult road bikes to visit nearby Suffolk Wildlife Trust nature reserves – or take you car to RSPB’s Minsmere on the coast.




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