Forest Way Bunkhouse is open for all of Winter 2020 / 2021

forest way bunkhouse in the snow winter 2020

We are very excited to be near to completion of our new cabin. December 2020 will see us moving beds around, so only 7 beds will be are available for a short period of time. We will also be abiding by whatever goverment restictions are in place at the date of your visit, so please get in touch for details.

The Bunkhouse layout has changed considerably due to social distancing measures. We have had to restrict just one person/social bubble using the kitchen at any given time. The lounge area had to provide seperate dining areas for each room.  However we have managed to squeeze the sofa into the drying room for anyone wanting a cosy quiet zone. Both rooms are only available as exclusive use per person/group and both have ensuite. So we at Forest Way look forward to welcoming you to our place in the delightful NW Highland

We have two ensuite rooms that are available for exclusive use of a person or household. There kitchen is available to just one bubble at a time and there are separate dining areas for each room. So you can stay safe while you visit this stunningly beautiful area of Forest Gardens and Wild Rivers just south of the idyllic fishing village of Ullapool.

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