Fishing near Loweswater

While staying at Swallow Camping barn you might try fishing at Loweswater. Fishing permits are available from the National Trust.

This small lake one of a trio that form the catchment of the River Cocker. The surroundings have a softer, more pastoral feel about them and Loweswater still remains relatively untouched by tourism.  Loweswater always had a reputation for large trout, many of which were taken during the once prolific mayfly hatch Sadly, it seems both the large trout and the prolific mayfly have both had their day as this small lake has become another victim of the all too familiar pattern of enrichment and eutrophication.  It is now coarse fish that predominate and the angling focus has shifted very much to the pike population. In the main these are smaller fish averaging around six pounds but there is always the chance of a better fish in amongst them.

Find out more on the Lake District Fishing website.