Fishing holidays at Gaveston Hall in Sussex

Fishing holidays at Gaveston Hall in Sussex

The lake at Gaveston Hall is fed by a stream and was stocked by carp over a 100 years ago. Their descendants are still here today and groups staying at the hall have access to the Lake. You may be lucky and catch a big one!

Our lake is fed by a stream and goes out over a weir built over 100 years ago.   The story goes that the owner of Gaveston Hall gave the local farm hands some work at the turn of the last century about 1900 when there was very little work available by digging out the lake by hand with spades ( no machinery to do The digging in those days). It was stocked with carp and their descendants are still here today.

The Lake at Gaveston Hall is rumoured to have been visited by Edward VII to do some duck shooting. While standing on the bank ready to shoot all the ducks came around expecting to be fed. Of course he was unable to shoot sitting ducks in front of him so his duck shooting day was spoiled by tame ducks.

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