Famed dive locations easily accessible from Seahouses

Seasoned divers will know that Seahouses is filled to the brim with wonderful dive spots. Along its shores there are many wrecks and reefs to be explored. Divers can join a dive tour or charter a boat themselves. See the magic of Seahouses both above and below the water.

Where in the water you end up will depend on what kind of dive you’re looking for. Most of the sites are located around the Farne Islands. There you’ll find wildlife dives, for those who wish to spot crustaceans… or play with the seals. There are also a good amount of reef dives particularly around the Longstone island, which is also home to a fair few wrecks such as the Loch Leven. The history of this ship pre wreck can be read about here.

The Hides is the ideal place to set up base for the duration of your stay. Hot showers, cosy beds and a well equipped kitchen for hungry divers with a drying room and kit wash area to boot. Located near to the harbour so there’s less time spent travelling and more time diving. But when you’re not in the water its a good idea to take in Seahouses, a beautiful village with plenty to see. And of course you’re in luck if you enjoy seafood. Book your stay today…