Expand Your Horizons… Friends of Nature celebrate 125yrs…

Kirk Yetholm along with some 800 other Friends of Nature/Naturefriends houses across the globe celebrate 125th Anniversary in 2020.

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With 350,000 members worldwide, come join our global family of friends spanning some 40 countries as we celebrate 125yrs of supporting sustainable and healthy lifestyles, international co-operation and protection of nature.

Together for a Promising Future! See our fact sheet here: http://www.thefriendsofnature.org.uk/sites/default/files/fileattachments/Naturefriends%20-%20a%20driving%20force%20%282019%29_0.pdf

For UK http://www.thefriendsofnature.org.uk or find your country here: https://www.nf-int.org/en/about-us/members

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