Euro Hostel Liverpool

… a base to explore the city from docks to stadiums to clubs…

Euro Hostels do affordable and innovative accommodation in several major UK cities: Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and recently also Liverpool.

You get the privacy and comfort of small self-enclosed apartments with the hostel-like shared social areas to make friends, meet up or enjoy a catered meal or drink. They’re always in the heart of a lively and vibrant city – and Euro Hostel Liverpool is no exception.

It won’t take much effort for you to imagine a quick list of reasons why you mighty want to visit this mighty and proud city. We think of music – the famous clubs like Eric’s and The Cavern that nurtured generations of talent; we think of the rivalry of football and all the iconic players and matches played in its many stadiums; we think of comedy (Knotty Ash anyone?) and we think of its rich maritime traditions.

Take a visit to Euro Hostel Liverpool and use it as a base to explore the city from docks to stadium to clubs.