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Enriched Learning at Ennerdale: School Residentials with a Twist!

Dive deep into nature’s classroom at Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre, nestled in the heart of the Ennerdale Valley. Ideal for school residentials, our centre offers an unparalleled environment for immersive outdoor education and team bonding.

Explore the rich tapestry of nature, history, and adventure at Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre, designed specifically for fostering an intimate bond with the natural world. Our unique location provides a serene backdrop for students to engage in activities ranging from nature walks and smore-making by the fire to mini-garden building and wildlife spotting.

The words of St Begh’s Head Teacher, Catherine Mallard, echo our ethos: “The children described their day as a great fun adventure in a wild and beautiful place. They loved the fact it was, ‘just us and nature’.”

Not only do we provide diverse learning opportunities, but our facilities, adapted from 17th-century Lakeland farm buildings, can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people. Plus, schools can take advantage of our exclusive discounts for winter stays. Our dedicated team at Low Gillerthwaite is on hand to tailor the experience to fit your curriculum needs while ensuring students have an enriching and memorable stay.

Contact us to craft your next unforgettable school residential trip and take learning to a whole new dimension.

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