For a visit to this great city that embodies the all that makes Liverpool lively.

The Embassie hostel in Liverpool might leave you a bit star-struck, it’ll certainly leave reeling from all the cool stuff it surrounds itself with.

The hostel is in a lovely old Georgian terrace in a typically Georgian square. White washed houses of handsome proportions, iron railings, tree lined streets. One almost imagines a powder-haired fop to be sauntering through. Until the eighties the building served as the Venezuelan Consulate no less! The first of the cool things I mentioned. It is only fitting that the building represents Liverpool’s maritime hey day, a time when the city cast its gaze westwards to the Americas for trade and for passage, as the owners cast their gaze towards Liverpool’s recent past.

The hostel is rich in the culture of Liverpool. Football scarves adorn the lounge, Sky Sports is on showing one of the matches of the great local teams. Their is free Beatles guided tour every Thursday night  free admission to the world famous Cavern Club, they boast that it is the only tour given by a tour guide who saw the Beatles perform. Your hosts aren’t just spectators to Liverpool’s musical heritage, the staff are songwriters ‘in their own write’ and have released an album that you can enjoy from links on their social media page. Look out also for them hob-nobbing with Hollywood star Shia LeBouef! Star-struck? A little.

For a visit to this great city that embodies the all that makes Liverpool lively: The Embassie.

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