This is why walkers and pilgrims are flocking to Eden’s Yard Backpackers!

Vacancies at Edens Yard Hostel

With beds available by the night and a welcome guaranteed, Edens Yard in beautiful Cornwall is ideal for pilgrims, walkers, and everyone who enjoys a long-distance trail.

Edens Yard was founded whilst walking a Camino pilgrimage route in northern Spain where wayfarers simply walk and stop when it feels right to do so.

Nothing captures the attitude of adventure and spontaneity like an unexpected (or super short notice) walk-in.  That’s why Eden’s Yard always keeps a few spare beds that are not advertised on online booking engines. Edens Yard Backpackers have enjoyed the company of many different explorers this way.  Many of their guests book in advance but not all free spirits of the road roll that way and we love to have them with us.

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Vacancies at Edens Yard Hostel

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