Edale Camping Barn

…a lot of noise to be born from such peaceful countryside…

Edale camping barn (managed by Cotefield Farm Cottages), in Derbyshire’s Hope Valley, sits in an enviable position. Not only is it in the beautiful and popular Hope Valley, but it also overlooks Britain’s most famous long distance path – The Pennine Way. Also close by looms Kinder Scout. A ‘nearly-mountain’ which dominates the skyline just as much as it dominates the history of outdoor recreation.

Many of you will be familiar with the story of walkers from Manchester and Sheffield protesting about closed footpaths and restricted access by walking up Kinder as part of a ‘mass trespass’. This controversial event sparked a movement which arguably includes the growth of groups such as The Rambler’s Association; the formation of National Parks and the founding of long distance trails like the aforementioned Pennine Way. 

The National Trust hosts a recreation of this iconic walk each year or you can explore it yourself following their route

I think that’s rather a lot of noise to be born from such peaceful countryside as that around Edale Camping Barn.

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