Easter in prison? Not nearly as bad as it sounds.

Cell B communal space

When it comes to the renovation of interesting or quirky locations hostels often stand out. Cell B is a perfect example of this, once a historic Edwardian police house now a finely polished Hostel with facilities for every type of traveler. There’s even an independent cinema and bar!

Directly in the center of Snowdonia, Cell B is unique to say the least. The old police house has a rich history both last century and in more recent times. Owner Rhys Roberts transformed the building to a culturally significant hostel in which in 2017 held Trojan Records’ first official club tour in four decades. And of course the area around the hostel has tons of fun to be had. Be it on one of the fastest zip lines in Europe or to Bounce below where you can bounce on trampoline nets inside a cavern. For those wishing to make their own fun Snowdonia is renowned for mountain biking and climbing, and being a former police station the lock up for your equipment at Cell B is second to none. So lots of Easter madness,  come join in.