Dartmoor Prison Museum.

Once the home to category A criminals, Dartmoor Prison Museum is a “fascinating insight into prison life” from 200 years ago to now!

While staying at Fox Tor Café and Bunkhouse, you can’t miss an opportunity to visit one of the world’s most notorious prisons! The Museum includes life-size models of Napoleon Soldiers and the real life apparatuses used to control them! Explore both sides of the convicts when looking at the delicate hand-made models they created in juxtaposition to the murderous weapons they also produced. 

Learn about the most grisly crimes and convicts that went into this prison, and the torturous methods of controlling them. One of the most famous prisoners includes Eamonn de Valera, first Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, who was a political prisoner, encaptured in Dartmoor Prison for committing no crime. 

Discover the harsh uniform compared the casual prison attire of todays prison life, including shoes with arrow shaped studs to make tracking down escaped prisoners easier. 

Today, Dartmoor Prison is a category C prison, with modern standards of rehabilitation, human rights, and health and safety.