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Dark Skies Festival 2020

Exmoor Camping Barn: Dark Sky

Visit Exmoor for a variety of Stargazing events. From 16th-31st October 2020.

Ideal for stargazers, weather permitting, look to the night skies above Dunkery Beacon as Exmoor offers Europe’s first international dark sky reserve. Recognised in 2011 by the International Dark Skies Association for its low levels of light pollution, we have a festival of activities for two weeks during October/November every year.

From Dunkery Beacon, the highest point in Exmoor National park, on a clear night you can see up to 3000 stars with the nake eye. Star-gazing here is an all year around activity, but the winter months provide greater darkness, giving you the best chance to see the Orion constellation which is visible in the Northern Hemisphere night sky between November and February.