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inveraray hostel

Loch Fyne sets the scene for Inveraray hostel. Just jaw dropping scenery for miles around this 21 bed hostel… not to mention some top class dive sites. Ranging from a dynamited underwater pier to the picture perfect “cave” scenes.

The majority of the popular sites are in and around Loch long. Which due to its use as a navy testing site for torpedoes is filled with numerous wrecks. There is also a world of wildlife and scenic dives to try out too. Everything from lobsters to seals have been known to roam the area. Particular sites of interest include; Conger alley, home to reefs with conger eels hidden amongst the rocks. Or there’s the “caves” a site with large boulders perfect for the photographers wishing to capture some of the intricate ecosystem it is home to. Plenty of nooks and crannies to get lost in whilst exploring. Craggen dive is another spot for the wildlife enthusiasts, Loch Long has such a variety and being a sea loch the reefs found are a joy to examine. Finally there is the Finnart A frames an old pier sunken after demolition. Exciting and mostly intact.

All these spots are within 15 miles of Inveraray hostel making it the ideal place to stay with your dive group. There’s lockable storage for your gear and breakfast available for the early morning fuel up. Find out more at Freedom Diving

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inveraray hostel

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