Come and see all Derbyshire has to offer!

Peak District Holiday Barn - Derbyshire - Buxton - Opera House - Spar town

Buxton’s historic Pavillion gardens and spa-town architecture are iconic of Derbyshire’s heritage rich in nature and economy!

“The future’s bright in Derbyshire
Where past and present meet,
From castles, trams, and ancient mills
To vibrant city streets.
Along the valleys, through the towns
the Derwent makes its way,
Full of hope and promise
At the dawn of each new day…” – Cathy Grindrod

Buxton is a poetic place. You can walk among the ghosts of Victorian tourists seeking refreshment in the famous spars that even carry the legacy on today, and join them in drinking the clean fresh spring water that is still available on the streets though a communal tap. The buildings are lined with the historic gold of the booming start to tourist economy, and you can marvel in their grandeur, and even pay a visit to one of the most famous buildings in Buxton, the Buxton Opera House!