Colonsay, the jewel of the Hebrides

Colonsay Backpackers Lodge

Just 2 hours from Oban, sparkles the Isle of Colonsay.

Colonsay, the jewel of the Hebrides, is surprisingly easy to reach…

Start your holiday with a mini cruise on the modern and very comfortable ferry from Oban, which will deliver you to the white sandy beaches of Colonsay.

Colonsay 10 mile strecth is blessed with peaceful acres are covered with wildlife including a bird sanctuary and delicate wild flowers.

The island has just over 100 inhabitants who contribute to a local community atmosphere, that is always interested in meeting new people. Local industries include agriculture (oyster and honey farming) arts and crafts and a brewery. There are signs of the islands habitation stretching back over 4000 years with some internationally renowned archaeological sites. So there is plenty to explore as well as relaxing on the white sandy beaches.

Come and join us on Colonsay for your summer holiday for a friendly welcome.

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