Colonsay: everyone says its idyllic

…a rare rustic retreat…

In an old gamekeeper’s house and two adjacent bothies, Colonsay Backpacker’ s Lodge, sounds like a rare rustic retreat. And it is. There can’t be many better places in the British Isles to explore, to experience the landscape and the wildlife, to say nothing of the local hospitality.

The Isle of Colonsay one of the Inner Hebrides, just south of Mull. It is not a big island and the word most used to describe it is idyllic. Teeming with wildlife, like an episode of Springwatch, you’ll have the opportunity to see otters, seals, dolphins from the epic empty beaches. They claim to have ‘the best oysters in the world’ and certainly seafood is a s fresh as it can be on Colonsay.  

Have a look at their website to see the cosy accommodation that could await you as you return.  Its says, in insistent CAPITAL LETTERS, ‘free WIFI’. So what’s not to like?

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EXterior of house and Colonsay Backpackers

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