Clink78 – a social hostel in King's Cross

clink bar in london

Do you hear London Calling?

Clink78 describe themselves as ‘a social backpacker’s hostel’. The word ‘social’ jumps right out at me – let’s investigate that, cross examine the facts, perhaps call an expert witness. The reason, dear patient reader, that I’m labouring these puns is that Clink78 is part of that rich heritage of Independent Hostels that give you the opportunity to sleep in quirky surroundings.
Set in a 200 year old courthouse, original Victorian features combine with bold and colourful interior design to create a unique, characterful hostel. Look at the featured picture to get an idea. It has beds for 500 (!) in rooms ranging from 16 bed to singles. Some are en-suite, some have shared facilities. When Alice from Independent Hostels HQ stayed there, she was given a room in an original Victorian cell. Nicer than its sounds apparently and with a door which locked on the inside – rather a poor design feature for a cell!
Back to that ‘social’ word. Obviously King’s Cross is a major hub for folk arriving in London and a decent central point to be based. Everything is reachable from there by tube, bus or on foot. This means we can expect a vibrant international group of guests. With those 500 beds in use I suppose you’ve got to be sociable and the shared areas of the well equipped self-catering kitchen, games area, a film lounge and computer room lend themselves to this. Down in the basement – it is hard not to wonder what went on down here in Victorian times – is a lively bar: ClashBAR. With DJs, live bands and games raising the social bar a little higher. Sorry – couldn’t resist another pun.
Here comes another…ClashBAR at CLink78 – Do you hear ‘London Calling’?