Chartners Farm, a woodland wilderness retreat

Recapture your childhood dreams and take your family & friends to Chartners Farm. An eco friendly, off the grid hostel, it is tucked away in the depths of Harwood Forest in North Northumberland. Surround yourself by hundreds of acres of woodland.

Enjoy the forest and its wildlife as your only neighbours and the awe-inspiring Northumberland dark skies as your late night show.  At Chartners Farm you can turn your back on the frenetic modern world and live the slower life of your forefathers. With neither light nor noise pollution be prepared to be shocked by the intensity of  both the dark and the silence  and experience the ultimate peace and tranquility.

Adults and children alike will savour the freedom  to explore the area around the farm.  What joy to have  neither roads & traffic nor boundaries & fences to worry about. What’s more with the lack of any internet young and old alike will be forced to make their own entertainment.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the unique experience of isolation and spend a few days at Chartners Farm.  It will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.


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