Charming floating boating

You can’t get any closer to Bristol Harbour than staying on the Kyle Blue Hostel Boat!

You can’t get any closer to Bristol Harbour than staying on the Kyle Blue Hostel Boat!

Physically, you are right at the centre of all that Bristol has to offer because you’ll be moored on Bristol’s quayside in the historic Harbourside area.  Kyle Blue is a converted Dutch barge with private and shared cabins sleeping up to 30 and boasting a glorious open-plan upper deck with lounge and kitchen providing fabulous views of the harbour. Obviously, it is all nautically themed with a Stern cabin and a bow cabin and rounded windows and berths rather than bunks…have a look at their website and you’ll see for yourself how charming it all is.

Spiritually, you’re also close to Bristol Harbour because this area is steeped in its maritime and industrial heritage – so its fitting that you’re staying in an old working boat that’s sailed here from parts foreign. 

Strolling along the waterfront (and you can’t help but stroll when you’re here), overlooked by the perfect pastel terraces, you can find Brunel’s mighty iron steam ship SS Great Britain and a replica of John Cabot’s Matthew: symbols of exploration and innovation. Kyle Blue sits just off Museum Street and Bristol isn’t short of eye catching museums in the Harbourside area. The M-Shed and the Science museum both link industrial and commercial heritage buildings to the modern world and deliver colourful, interactive and fascinating lessons. On the more artistic side we continue our Dutch links with the famous Arnolfini Arts Centre – home to many contemporary installations that have had stuffy critics foaming at the mouth. That alone makes it worth a visit! Sitting outside we find Jon Cabot again. this time as a contemplative statue gazing across the water. 

Bristol Harbourside gives an endless amount of culture and enjoyment, all accompanied by the constant companionship of the water and its boats.

Kyle Blue – right at the centre of it all.