Carlisle City Hostel

…this Georgian gem…

There is a trend among city hostels towards a sort of ‘industrial-dystopia-made-pleasant’ styling. With added skinny lattes. You know what I mean: chrome, exposed pipes, huge office-block style windows, a scattering of graffiti art. I will admit that in some environments this looks cool and futuristic. And in the livelier quarters of clubs and bands and with asymmetric haircuts it fits in perfectly. But here at Carlisle City Hostel a different aesthetic lives. 

For a start, the street on which the hostel sits is a row of pastel shaded Georgian terraces opposite the formal garden of Tullie House museum and art gallery. On their social media feed, there is charming footage of the cherry blossoms falling like rain on to the cobbled road.  At the far end, the road ducks beneath the an archway in the old city walls made of the striking red sandstone that characterises the big civic buildings. See! A swish glass tower wouldn’t fit in would it? 

Inside, the elegant lightness of touch continues. Yes, there’s a communal kitchen and secure storage for bikes and luggage – so far so functional. But take a look at the gallery of pictures on their website, surely you must warm to that airy, welcoming decor? 

Carlisle City Hostel seems to be a lovely place to be based to explore the area. The city itself is small and compact, full of history and charm. Nearby are Hadrian’s Wall, The Lake District, the coast at Solway. And then afterwards you return to the warm arms of this Georgian gem.