Car sharing – a new take on Green Travel?

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With no on street parking at Edens yard, how can we best work with the ubiquitous car? Maybe this approach can help?

We have been intrigued here at Eden’s Yard Backpackers by  visitors jumping out of shared cars ; the  car then vanishes up the lane to work/family/holiday let leaving new arrivals at our gates (so far these visitors have hailed from London but I am sure similar schemes run elsewhere too). We like innovative approaches to green travel and this seems to be popular with young, spur of the moment – let’s have a few days in Cornwall, type travelers.

This travel strategy was not foreseen but can  work perfectly for Cornwall. The long double journey down  West – and back again – is a significant charm, or complication, depending on your perspective.

I am happy therefore to share this post by car share company liftshare; with a few simple provisos it could be a three way win for regular travelers to Cornwall, visitors and of course – us at Eden’s Yard Backpackers. 

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