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Callander Hostel: Helping in the time of Coronavirus

The team at Callander Hostel are just one of the many in our network who have been able to successfully adapt to the cruel and unusual events of recent times. Not only are they able to keep running their hostel, but they’re also continuing to prioritise the future of the youth in the local area.

Even with the effects of COVID-19, Callander Hostel remain focused on their work as a charity. In order to achieve their goal, they have adapted the rooms in their hostel so that each one can accommodate a single household. Thanks to their ingenuity, they are still able to provide young people with training in hospitality as well as working with them in the local high school. By staying at Callander Hostel, not only do you get to enjoy a wonderful Highland holiday, you also get to enjoy the knowledge that your money is going directly to an amazing cause.