Buachaille Etive Mor from Glencoe Independent Hostel

We rose early, threw down some breakfast and headed out for one of the best local mountains, the 2000 foot Buachaille Etive Mor.

We climbed the 3 star classic scramble ‘Curved Ridge’ and aimed at Agag’s groove, a rock climbing route on Rannock wall, that was far trickier than it should have been so I think we had drifted too far left and did something else! From there we gained the summit and had an early lunch.

The weather was glorious and I was very happy to be sat on one of my favourite mountains with excellent friends. The views down onto and across Rannock moor are always huge but I cannot remember having such clear far reaching views .

Despite over 30 years of climbing experience and having been on top of ‘the buckle’ many times we took an embarrassing amount of time picking our way around the summit looking for the down route! Eventually we found it and dropped down to our cars in an hour.