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Book-a-bed week at Shining Cliff hostel!

Shining Cliff hostel is available to book-a-bed for just £15 per person from 9th-18th August – the first weekend is fully booked but other days have availability…

If you book-a-bed at Shining Cliff hostel for £15 per person next week you have a huge choice of things to do….catch a train to Matlock and walk to the stunning Lumsdale Falls, walk to Cromford (or catch a train) and explore the beautiful High Peak Trail, simply sit a while and listen to the birds and read a book, or simply explore Shining Cliff wood.
If you visit on a Thursday you could add in a tasting tour at at the bottom of the woods. And lastly, you could tie in a visit to Shining Cliff hostel with events at that are happening next week such as Campfire Crafts and Summer Holiday club. So much to do and at such a lovely place!

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