Blindwell Bunkhouse

Plan ahead now to catch the red deer rutting on Exmoor.

As we climb out of winter our thoughts turn ahead, naturally, to warmer times. Perhaps as far ahead as the dying embers of summer. Watching the shadows lengthen in the golden evenings. If your thoughts do turn that way, then there are far worse places than Blindwell Bunkhouse on Exmoor. 

You approach down a hedge lined lane to a an Exmoor Hill Farm. In a converted farm building, the bunkhouse has three rooms offering 16 beds, one of which has ground floor disabled access. It is decorated in a traditional way with stone on the floor and walls and wood featuring strongly throughout. An underfloor heating system cries out for woolly walking socks and cosy evenings. 

If you are here in the late summer or early autumn, after you finished the fine rambling and exploring the area offers, you may well be treated to one of Britain’s most amazing natural spectacles. Red Deer often roam the valley, jealously guarding their harem from other males. At that time of year their antlers are in full glory and their roars and bellows can be heard across the moor, perhaps you’ll see a spectacular clash as the rutting becomes physical.

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