Big Mose Bunkhouse

…part of the National Trust’s Dudmaston estate…

I will admit to making a double take when I first heard of Big Mose Basecamp Bunkhouse (on the National Trust’s Dudmaston Estate in Shropshire ). My first imaginings were of a training facility for aspirant Cyrano de Bergeracs or Barry Manilows. Of course I soon realised my mistake and the truth is, in many ways far more charming. 

The Basecamp is in a converted Tudor farmhouse: timber framed with red brick in fill and appealingly wonky windows. Inside it is a recognisably modern bunkhouse with comfortable sofas and games in the communal areas and a well stocked kitchen. It sits in the tiny village of Quatt – winner of 2017’s Most Welcoming VIllage Award.

The Dudmaston estate, though, is the real star attraction. It is centred on a 17th century Mansion house and includes landscaped gardens, woodlands , lakeside, parkland and farmland. The National Trust keep it beautifully and organise any number of events throughout the year.