Baby alpaca just born at Blakebeck Farm

There are 4 female alpacas at Blakebeck Farm. Honey is the new mum having just given birth to a Crea (a baby alpaca).

There are 4 alpacas at Blakebeck Farm.  They are all female, we have had the white ones Princess and Narla for about two years, the other two are new to us this year, Honey and Treacle.

The alpacas get clipped once a year in June/July time, oh what a challenge that is, we have a great chap who comes to clip them and he makes it look easy, then we have the lovely soft fleeces. I have spun some; it is so lovely and soft. They are very inquisitive animals and love to see what is going on and will come to see you from a distance, they are also very timid.

They do not like dogs at all and sometimes start squealing when they see them; they would chase and hurt a dog if they were in the field with them.  They are very useful at lambing time as they look after the sheep and lambs protecting them from foxes and dogs, they love lambs and will stand with a lost lamb and look after it until its mum comes back.

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