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Anti-bacterial hand wash available for guest use.

Pindale Farm Bunkhouses Hope Valley Peak Distric

Please feel safe when visiting the wonderful Hope Valley in the heart of the Peak District and staying at Pindale Farm who take your safety very seriously.

Over the past 30 years Pindale Farm has always had our customers health and safety in mind. We have always provided anti-bacterial hand wash for our guests to use. Not just as a precaution now with the Coronavirus problem. But for normal things encountered in the county side like Leptospirosis, E Coli and Salmonella.

Pindale Farm is a Bona Fide business, with planning permissions and licensed by the local authorities, fully insured and checked by industry leaders like the AA and IHG. Regular inspections are made regarding cleanliness of rooms and amenities, electrical installations and equipment, fire alarms and firefighting equipment and Legionella compliant.

So, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Pindale Farm is a safe place to stay when visiting the Hope Valley.

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Pindale Farm Bunkhouses Hope Valley Peak Distric

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