A week of things to do whilst staying with us, day 7

After a week of sightseeing, and visiting craft shops and cafes, the final day is one to sit back reflect upon a fantastic week away from the crowds.

Rest and relaxation should be the key to every break or holiday, how we all achieve this is different for each of us. At Carrshield there is the opportunity to indulge in all types of activities, or just sit by the river and watch the world go by listening to the water as it rushes towards the sea. There are even a few places along the river where the brave can venture in for a quick refreshing dip, there is not the expanse for much swimming but a cool plunge may be all it needs.
As the sky draws darker then sit around the fire circle chatting about the day’s adventures and watching the stars gradually appear in the dark sky above. Maybe use some backwoods skills to cook your evening meal.
Whatever you enjoy in the outside world, I am sure we can help find something for you, book a break with us to play and rest in this peaceful wilderness that is the North Pennines.

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