A week of things to do whilst staying with us, day 3.

Water, water everywhere! This basic compound has created much of the landscape within the UK, either as a river of ice during the ice ages or running water in the shape of streams, becks, burns and rivers. We are blessed with having some amazing waterways, big and small, in the area to enjoy. They are there to be explored, walking or running, or just a gentle picnic on their banks.

Due to the climate and geography of the North Pennines AONB and UNESCO Global Geopark there is an abundance of rivers, with the South Tyne, Tees and Wear all having their sources close by.
Associated with these mighty rivers are many smaller tributaries and spectacular waterfalls. There is High Force, where the river Tees plummets 21 metres over a 300 million-year-old rock formation. This is an impressive sight regardless of the amount of water actually flowing over the falls.
A little closer is Ashgill Force, where a small tributary of the South Tyne plunges 15 metres into a narrow gauge, there are subsequent smaller cascades and a picnic area to enjoy this beautiful spot. For the intrepid adventurer, there is a ledge that runs at the back of the falls that can be accessed relatively easily.
A walk along one of the great rivers of northern England can be achieved from our location, the 23-mile South Tyne Trail goes from its source south of Garrigill to Haltwhistle. Impressive scenery, passing along a narrow-gauge railway and then over the amazing Lambley viaduct. The Weardale Way is another alternative with the start literally just over the hill at Killhope.
What a great way to spend the Easter holiday. with family, friends or just searching solitude on your own.

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