A week of things to do whilst staying at Carrshield Camping Barn

This is the first in a series of short pieces that highlight some of the many things that can be done whilst staying in this lovely remote location. We may be a long way from major towns and cities, that’s part of the attraction, but there is something to do every day of the week.

Day 1 of 7 – A walk or run
We have a series of ten walks or runs, that will take you around the surrounding hills, moors and valleys. The walks go direct from the door and all but one are circular, so bring you back again. All walks are available for free download from either the Ordnance Survey of OutdoorActive apps, they can also be seen and printed from our website. One of the wonders of this part of the world is the solitude that can be experienced when walking, a little different from some places. There is plenty to see whilst out there, as well as listening for the birds. Help can be given if required, just ask.
Our friends at The Hemmel, Allenheads not only do great food but will also soon be having similar walks, or runs, from the centre of their village. So a great way to get some exercise and food as well.
For those who would like a bigger challenge, there is the long-distance footpath Isaac’s Tea Trail, a 58 km or 36-mile waymarked route. Details can be found on the Isaacs Tea Trail website. This can be done as an ‘ultra’ event all in one go, or in the four stages as presented in their pamphlet. We are located within the circuit so ideally based to radiate out or use our accommodation along with our friends in the area.

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