A week of things to do when staying with us, day 2.

History surrounds you when staying at Carrshield, from the very fabric of the building to the Roman remains that can be found across the area, to Industrial Revolution mining museums, steam railways, lead smelting mills, and a Classic Sci-Fi Museum.

History abounds in the valleys and on some of the hills as well. Evidence has been found on the moors in the area that dates back to people living in the area as far back as the Bronze Ages, unfortunately not much now remains. However, the Romans and subsequent people have left a great deal to explore in the area. There is the hill fort at Epiacum, Vindolanda fort pre-dates the building of Hadrian’s Wall, there is also Hosesteads and Hadrian’s Wall.
The building that now houses Carrshield Camping Barn is designated as a Scehduled Ancient Monument as it was the largest Mine Shop in the area during its heyday. So you will actually be living in a piece of history.
During the industrial revolution, the North Pennines was a hive of activity with a population far in excess of the current numbers. Many of these people were employed in the mining and associated industries. Two experiences that should not be missed are the museums at Nenthead and Killhope, to give an insight as to the conditions in lead mines during Victorian times. At the time the railways were being developed, now sadly all gone from the area, with the exception of the South Tyne Narrow Gauge Railway at Alston, why not take a ride into the past.
During this latter period, Methodism was born in the hills of the north with people such as John Wesley preaching on the moors and also within the newly built chapels. Many of these buildings still exist, some as obscure ruins, others as barns and yet more converted into modern housing.
On a more modern theme, there is also the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi in Allendale where there are displays dedicated to such things as Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Tron, Star Wars and other classics.
Due to our location, we are ideally based to radiate out of in order to visit some of these amazing locations.
We have vacancies for the coming Easter Holidays, so book now to begin the adventure.

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