A unique experience in a converted Mine Shop that has been designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The building was once the centre of a thriving mining community, now a monument to those who toiled here and a restful location for visitors. Our remote location brings with it a peaceful beauty, with many varied activities to enjoy in the adjacent valleys, or just relax by the river.

Hopefully, with the Winter storms behind us, we can start planning for the warmer months to come. Now is the time to start planning those adventures and experiencing something unique by having a break with us. Fortunately, there is not the hive of activity that would have been centred on this building in its heyday, but there are many reminders of what it used to be like.
Whilst some of the old mine workings and buildings are still visible and maintained for historical interest, Mother Nature has reclaimed much of the land. Not only have specialist plants such as calaminarian grasses and other heavy metal tolerant plants. In the Spring these will give a splash of colour as the moor and fell landscape gradually remerges from Winter. The North Pennines were a hive of industry at the beginning and throughout the Industrial Revolution, supplying the raw materials for the heavy industries across the north of England. Now these industries have all but disappeared, the populations have dwindled leaving the area to again become a natural wilderness.
Despite the remoteness of our location in the West Allen Valley, there are a number of things to see and do within easy reach. These range from steam railways, museums, Roman remains (Hadrian’s Wall is only 30 minutes away), craft shops and art galleries, tea rooms and pubs.
Alongside this, there are the fells and moors that can be explored, with paths going in nearly every direction. We have a series of walks or runs, that radiate out and return you to the door. If you prefer more of a challenge Isaac’s Tea Trail almost passes the door, so an ideal spot from which to start.
For the cyclists, there are quiet country lanes that lead across to the Tyne Valley or up into the hills, the choice is yours. We are also very close to the Sea-to-Sea cycle route.
For those who wish to have a more leisurely time, a gentle stroll by the river, then sit in the sun and watch the birds and world go by.

We are open to individuals, families, and groups.

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