Community run bunkhouse in Newbrough just 3km from Hadrian’s Wall

Newbrough Bunkhouse on Hadrians Wall

A walk of less than 3km along local footpaths will link you from Hadrian’s Wall path to the village of Newbrough and this super 22 bed bunkhouse.

Accommodation gets booked up on this popular route,  so an extra bunkhouse accommodation just south west of the Wall at Walwick is great for the walking community.  Incorporate the route from the Wall to Newbrough into your route and enjoy an evening in this cosy bunkhouse.  With the local pub serving excellent food (except Mondays and Sundays) two doors down and ready meals and breakfasts available in the bunkhouse you don’t need to worry about buying provisions. Bedding can be hired to save you from carrying it.

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Newbrough Bunkhouse near Hadrian's Wall

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