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Kettlewell Hostel

Kettlewell Hostel nestling in the picture postcard village of Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales has many features that make it stand out from the crowd. One of it’s most unique and endearing is the fact that most of the communal areas have bookcases of second hand books. These shelves are not full of trashy holiday reads, but have a comprehensive range of ‘proper’ books. The sort that would sit comfortably in a quality second hand book shop.

What a perfect way relax after a busy day?  Browsing through this interesting and varied selection of books.  Deciding which to start reading that evening, which others you just can’t leave without buying.  The books are a great way of sparking off conversations with other hostellers too.  So when you’re packing to stay at Kettlewell hostel, here are two important tips:

  1. Leave space in your bag for at least a couple of books you just have to take with you.
  2. Pack some loose clothing!  After eating a delicious evening meal cooked by hostel owner Saul, your waistline may well be a centimetre or two larger!
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Kettlewell Hostel in the Yorkshire Dales

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