5 out of 5 ♡'s at Nidderdale Bunkhouse!

Nidderdale bunkhouse - Skirfare Lodge - self catering accommodation - independent hostel - North Yorkshire - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The perfect base and “excellent position” for exploring the Nidderdale Way, among many other of the surrounding natural attractions, with “cosy, clean, practical” accommodation!

If you want to know the best place to base your group holiday just ask our guests!
Having one guest state “the house was beautiful the views were beautiful” makes us ecstatic that our bunkhouse can be compared to such natural beauty as the surrounding landscape of the Nidderdale Valley Area of Outstanding Natural beauty. And with views that overlook the Gouthwaite reservoir, you have the serenity of water added to the composition of surrounding nature.
The tidiness and cleanliness of our bunkhouse “can’t be faulted”, as it is one of our highest priorities to provide you with the history and culture of a grand Yorkshire shooting lodge, while also furnishing you with all necessary modern requirements and amenities, including WiFi and self catering facilities!
One of our guests recommends the local attraction, Nidderdale Llama trekking which they found “fantastic”!