Camping Barns and Bothies on Shetland : Self catering accommodation in the Bod network.

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Shetland Camping BÖd Network, For info: Shetland Amenity Trust, Garthspool, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0NY

The Shetland Camping Böd Network offers low cost accommodation in historic buildings throughout Shetland with fantastic scenery – giving the opportunity to tour these beautiful islands, staying in böds en route. Due to the böd’s historic nature, no two buildings are the same and facilities vary. The smallest böd sleeps four and the largest sixteen. Electricity, hot water and showers are available in some buildings and solid fuel stoves are provided in all. For the more adventurous traveller, one property has only an external cold tap for water supply! Each böd has a story to tell, for example Voe Sail Loft was once a knitwear workshop, where the jumpers for Sir Edmund Hillary’s expedition to reach the peak of Mount Everest in 1953 were produced. Some are in more populated areas than others, with facilities nearby. Choose your location dependent on how remote you want to be! Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. No pets allowed. Explore Shetland on a budget – bed down in a böd. For further info look at the Camping Bod website.

This accommodation is featured on our map of Orkney and Shetland and here is its own website.
Shetland Camping BÖd Network | Camping Barns and Bothies on Shetland : Self catering accommodation in the Bod network.

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Rooms & Beds:

4 to 16 (depending on böd).


1st March ? 31st October. Böds are unmanned. Contact custodian up to 9pm on day of entry.

Price per night:

£10 to £12. Group discounts are also available.


Booking is not essential however, as böds are unmanned it is best to book in advance to ensure the custodian is available before arrival.


Camping Barn


Ferry from Aberdeen to Shetland (NorthLink). Flights to Shetland from Orkney, Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow (Flybe & Loganair).

Public Transport:

Information on public transport within Shetland: Information on cycle and car hire:

This accommodation is by the sea, is available to individuals, has a pub within walking distance and is on the camping barn map.

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See puffins on Shetland

See puffins on Shetland

Shetland Camping Bods are a great bases for visiting the Shetland islands to watch birds or other activities.

If you fell in love with Porgs in Star Wars return of the Jedi you might want to go and see the birds they are based on! 10% of the world population of Puffins are found in the British Isles and Shetland where they live all year round is the perfect place to see them.

Shetland Camping Bods are camping/bunk barn style accommodation across the islands so perfect as a base for wildlife spotting trips or travel between them to explore all the islands.

Tour Shetland on a budget

Tour Shetland on a budget

Tour Shetland on a budget by staying at Shetland’s camping bods

Originally, a Böd was a simple building on Shetland used to shelter fishermen during the fishing season. Now the Shetland Böds offer basic, camping barn style accommodation for those who want a simple holiday touring the Shetland Isles.   There is a network of 9 Böds and of these only the Böd of Nesbister was original a fishing böd. By contrast Grieve House, one of the largest house in the network, was home to Hugh McDiarmid, a great Scottish poet for many years.

Traditional Shetland bod Holidays

Traditional Shetland bod Holidays

The Böds providea network of traditional Shetland buildings surrounded by stunning scenery

Using the Shetland Böds network you can have a holiday touring the Shetlands and staying in traditional Shetland buildings surrounded by stunning scenery.  Low cost and in great locations Böds provide basic accommodation, some of the more remote Böds have no electricity, heating or lighting.   Each Böd has space to cook and an area for eating and sleeping.  Recent improvements have added additional facilities to some Böds including a fridge, cooker, crockery, kettle and basic cooking utensils.

Contact Shetland Camping BÖd Network:

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